Our Platform

  • The Caroline County Democratic Committee believes that involved citizens combined with responsible leaders produce practical solutions that improve our government. Our committee represents the diverse population of the county, bringing together citizens of different ages, cultures, and experiences who work together to build an effective government that works for all of Caroline.

    Caroline Democrats are committed to job creation. Using a range of options from tax incentives to county sponsored job fairs, we can pull ourselves out of the recession faster than other communities. Given that Caroline has been among the fastest-growing counties in the state, we must produce jobs locally to keep up with our growing community, ensure our fiscal health, and continue our economic development.

    Caroline Democrats are committed to improving education. We must make it a primary objective in the county budget to develop state-of-the-art facilities and to continue attracting great educators and administrators. We must continue to support college-preparation initiatives along with strengthened vocational programs in order to create a clear path to the workforce or advanced studies. These efforts will help to establish a solid base to support incoming industries to our community and will entice our younger citizens to remain in Caroline and raise their families here.

    Caroline Democrats are committed to continued managed growth. Our community will continue to grow at a rapid pace and we must plan for our growing transportation and housing needs. We can create neighborhoods that are sustainable, that foster a sense of community, and are less susceptible to housing market fluctuations, all while providing affordable housing options and maintaining a rural character over much of the county.

    Caroline Democrats are committed to supporting affordable community based services for citizens who find themselves in need. We must preserve our community based programs through social services that provide supplemental support to seniors, children with special needs, and parents struggling to provide for the basic needs of their children. We can find ways to maintain these services through public/private partnerships in order to reduce the strain on our county’s budget.

    Caroline Democrats are committed to finding the best ways to improve our infrastructure. From our extensive need for water and sewer improvements to our growing demand for broadband internet access, we must balance our needs with our wants through direct communication between county leaders and citizens. By inviting more community involvement on projects, Caroline County residents will have greater influence on county decisions and have greater ownership of the outcome.